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Aethora is a tactical/strategy role-playing game played entirely in your browser. Read more about Aethora on our wiki.

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Interactive video on combat in Aethora:


  • Turn-based, Tactics-style combat
  • Up to 8 characters total - 4 in your active party, giving you the ability to swap characters in and out
  • Each character can wield two weapons, and combat actions are based on combinations of skills related to weapons - currently 170+ possible actions!
  • Compete with players from all around the world, similar to roulette, WMD Tank Battle, Net Fighters, Perenthia, and other multiplayer games.
  • Buy/sell items from/to other players in the Market
  • Many Missions to play, and always more coming
  • The nature of the combat system makes it an ideal "coffee-break" RPG - close the window in the middle of combat - when you come back your turn will be patiently waiting for you
  • Completely web-based - uses javascript and DHTML (no Flash) - use of AJAX minimizes page-loading
  • Cross-browser compatibility - check the Browser List for supported browsers

Supporter Testimonial

If you’re a MMO gamer and like games with a strategy aspect, then Aethora is the game for you. With an amazing world to explore with your party. The ability to upgrade weapons adds even more depth to the game. This is what we at PokerListings – resource for poker sites, are proud to give our help to make this inventive gaming experience grow even further.

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